Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gifts/ Presents Exchange Corner


So tell me who doesn't like receiving gifts/presents? Anyone? No one...Giving is a lot of fun and so is receiving isn't it? I know some of you have entered blog contests giveaways and were hoping to win (I'm guilty). Here, everyone is a winner and everyone will receive something. If you would like to join in on the Gifts/Presents Exchange Corner all you have to do is:
1.) Leave a comment on this post, please include your email address so that I can get in touch with you or you can always email your email address to me. My email address by the way is ChinkygirLMeL@hotmail.com
2.) Also, to help out the fellow blogger who has been assigned to send you a present please let me know what your favorite color is.
3.) Lastly please help me out on this, do you guys want this to be a secret Santa project or would you guys like to know who got who? If you would like to know who got who I'll be posting it all on my blog by the 26th of November.

To everyone who is joining I'll be sending each of you an email. I'll also be asking for your mailing address. And by the 26th I'll email each of you the mailing address of the person you are to send a gift to as well as a link to their blog that way you have an idea of that persons interests.. Everyone must send their gifts by the 30th of November 2009 in this way we would all receive our presents at just about the same time or hopefully a little near Christmas.

Deadline for joining this project is by November 25, 2009.

P.S. gifts do not exactly have to be really big, they could be keychains or small trinkets, they don't have to be super expensive guys, let's be creative. You can also post on your blogs what you got too. =)

COME ON PEOPLE, THE MORE THE MERRIER. Let's enjoy giving and receiving. =)


// krissy ♥ said...

Ooh this is awesome, I want in!

Here's my email address Mel,

Thank you! :)e

MKL said...

I won't be joining in this one, but I will curiously follow the outcome :)

Andhari said...

Hey Mel, this is such a great idea.

Manju said...

Ooohhh i was thinking of hosting some secret santa kind of swap, but you beat me to it! i'll just give your blog a shout-out on mine then ^^
i want in please xD
email - manjuxoxo@gmail.com
i think it's better we know who got who, right? sort of makes it easier to pick out presents. and we should have a price limit as well

eye_spy said...

me want to join too..



Nic said...

Great idea! My email is:

And I think you can guess my fave colour!

Kym said...

mel what a genious idea! i was thinking of doing this too but wasn't sure how it would all go down, details wise! count me in, my email address is: kbanguis@gmail.com :)

i wouldn't mind either way - secret santa or announcing who got who :)

my fave color (s): black, white, dark purple, red... haha! so they shouldn't have much trouble finding something for me! :)

Toothfairy said...

Not joining, but I think it's a really smart idea! great thinking mel!


the girl in stiletto said...

me wanna join mel!


Steph said...

NO! I'm disappointed, I already joined another. Sorry, babe :(

Jessica said...

Count me in, Mel! This is such an awesome idea. My email address is: jekgando@yahoo.com

Thanks! :)

eMz said...

i won't be joining, but if you're having this again next time, i might do! ^_^

bananas. said...

FUN!!! hope you get lots of presents :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

@krissy @Manju @eye_spy @Nic @Kym @girl in stiletto @Jessica- I'll be emailing you guys soon to get your details. =) Thanks for joining

@MKL @Toothfairy @Steph- awww wish you guys were joining. The more the merrier. =)

@Andhari- you in? I hope so. =)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

@bananas-You should join...everyone gets a present from someone. =)

MelRoXx said...

really awesome!

Allison said...

How exciting! I'd love to join!


Prixie said...

interesting concept!


ScoMan said...

I'll have to sit this one out. There's not enough shops here and I won't be able to get to the shops between the 26th and the 30th.

Great idea though, and I hope everyone has a lot of fun with it.

acutelife said...

i love presents!! count me in!! pig _ pink at yahoo.com

Amy said...

i want to join :)


defining amy said...

this is soooo awesome. i'm excited.

Amy said...

sorry, i forgot my fave colors.

pink or green :)

and perhaps a surprise would be nice. i love to read other peoples blogs/journals and find out all about them and surprise them wiht things :)

Pop Champagne said...

great idea! I can't join as I'm going to be in various cities over the next month... but hope you guys have tons of fun :D

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Yey...more people. Thanks guys for joining. =)

Melissa said...

I'm iN! I love sending presents =)

twentyninelies said...

Mel, I would loveee to show you, but let's just say the silly husband didn't bring the camera and RUSHED me outta there and I couldn't even take one picture with his iPhone. :( [sighs] There's always next year.

twentyninelies said...
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~Lisa said...

Include me!! This sounds so fun!! =D

My email address is:

Follow me?

~Lisa said...

Whoopsie! I forgot something!! =O

I'd like to know who is who sending to =D Because this person will most likely be a complete stranger so I'd like to at least know WHO it is.

My favourite color...any pastel colors would work. I'm not too picky. But maybe pink? o.o

Abby Kihano said...

OH OH!!! I'm JOINING!!! SIGN ME UP!!! ^_^ !!! I'm going shopping this friday anyway!! WOOT WOOT!!

email: jagquijano@gmail.com

IamNoOne said...

I like this idea... I'll be sending you separate email for some inquiries though.

Following your blog.

IamNoOne said...

Hi Mel, count me in!


IamNoOne said...

Oh I forgot, my favorite color is pink or peach. But any pastel color would do.