Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Yummy January!

Hello beautiful people! How I've missed you so! I am wishing I could bring back the old me who used to be able to blog all the time, but January has been a very busy month and the rest of the months this year will be just as busy, but I will do my very best to blog and read your posts! January is coming to an end and pretty soon we will be saying hello to the love month. So what's kept you guys busy? How was the first month of the year for you guys?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words and I seem to be at a lost for words right now, here's twenty photos for my twenty thousand words.

French macarons! Happiness in a box!
It has been raining a lot for the past couple of weeks.
Lunch dates with my future mister.
My love's order: Gyudon

I blame the frequent trips to our favorite Japenese Restaurant, Sumo Sam, for all the weight I have gained. Pretty soon it will be my face on SumoSam's logo. hahahaha.

Oinky Oinky!

This was my order. I wasn't too happy with this because it only had like 3 pieces of tempura. It was my first time to order this.
My friend Hannie came over, we pigged out and watched a few chick flicks. That is just my kind of day!
Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee float! nom nom nom
The strap of my favorite sandals broke! This happened when I was at the mall! How embarrassing! I literally had to limp my way around the mall. booohoo!
I found this in my backyard. How'd this get there? I don't recall mom planting something like this.

I found this in the backyard too!
This is what sweet dreams are made of.

A photo with my two cousins Chloe and Mikey

Another photo with my two cousins plus my mom.

This is so colorful!

Chillaxin with the cousin as I give her a few words of wisdom. Grrr I am feelin so old.

Goodbye January you've been one busy month for me. January, you've filled my tummy to my hearts content and I am feeling lumps and bumps in all the wrong places. Hopefully this February I can get back on track, maybe get back to jogging, and definitely get back to blogging and blog stalking! Oh and February marks the start of more stressful months to come. Why so stressed? I will officially start planning out my wedding next month. I've gotten in touch with a few wedding vendors and I will be meeting a few of them and getting my gown made and so much more. Hopefully I have enough time to prepare everything for my October wedding. Wish me luck guys.

Oh and before I forget... I am also looking forward to going to Hong Kong this March. I will be in Hong Kong for 5 days with my future mister and his family. Not only is this my first trip to Hong Kong with the future Mister but this is my first trip out of town with him and his family period! My mom is going crazy. She says when it is time for us to sleep I need to make sure to have my skype turned on because she will be watching me as I sleep in Hong Kong with the future mister. hahahahaha. Craziness!!!!

So I hope this post makes up for my absence in the blogosphere. Mwah!


Ali of Dressing Ken said...

Oh my all that food looks so good! It made me so hungry : )

Ali of:

Pich and Roor said...

OMG I love lunch dates with my husband :) That food looks so scrumptious especially the Gyudon!!

Ashley said...

And now I'm craving a Krispy Kreme doughnut :-)

Johanna said...

Your lunch is making me hungry!

Sarah and Stewart said...

Wow, looks like January was a busy and fun month for you! I don't know where the time went, but this month flew by for me as well... Can't believe it's already February! I am looking forward to spring... :-)

Lady Jewels Diva® said...


Enough with the food pics as I can't lose all the weight I've gained from looking at all the ones you've posted.

As for your mum watching you...creepy!

the3commandments said...

Love love your blog! Such a great post. - fashion/travel/food!

tiara purnomo said...

oh my gosh.. FOOOD~!!! FOOD EVERYWHEREEE~!!! D: those macaroons~!!! and krispy creme~! and I don't know... Japanese food... and ajkasdjhadkahsda and those cakes *drools some more* that chocolate tower thing is kinda scary though... it looks like it's leaning into one direction hahahaah I hope it won't fall xD

Susannah said...

All that food is making me hungry - and I just ate. :-) Good luck with your wedding planning!! :-)

Milex said...

I love your fashion choices

helen said...

looks like an amazingly tasty french macarons!

ola said...

hi sweetie. welcome back!
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helen at thelovecatsINC said...

that food looks amazing!

from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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E said...

You made me hungry with this post! Junk food and chick flicks sounds like a perfect day.

Jillian said...

"Happiness in a box" indeed! Looks like you had a super delicious month. I've made the mistake of reading this post on an empty stomach, haha.

Faith said...

All this food looks amazing! I'm starving now!

Great pictures!!

Paulina said...


Micaela said...

I love that photo of the rain-- rain is my happy weather.

Don't you love dates with your future husband? By the way, how cute is your jean shirt with that collar?! LOVE!

Pigging out and watching movies with girlfriends is my favorite. My kind of day as well :)

and boo to your sandal breaking, especially when in a public place. I think we've all unfortunately have been there but I hope you used it as an excuse to buy another pretty pair ;)

Erica Macaranas said...

so. much. FOOD. i wish i could have some (especially those macarons). have fun in hong kong! i've always wanted to go visit my friend over there.

erica | sweets + hearts

Not Just Inside said...

Yummy :) Its a shame about your shoe :(

AwkwardCara said...

Great pictures!
Everything looks so delicious :)

little t said...

Mmmm... macaroons!

janet said...

I got all nostalgic and decided to see what bloggers i used to follow are up to. congrats on getting engaged. 7 years is a good amount of time to be together before marriage! i love sumosam too, but like john and yoko better!

unBELLElivable said...

I still want that macroons! lol! looking forward to hangout with you again! oh by the way, pwede makihingi ng seedling nung flower????i like!!!!

Tayler said...

All that food!!! I WANT IT ALL!
haha thanks for sharing, this post is realllllyyy tempting me to make sweets :)