Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Forever TwenTEEN Nine

A few days ago, last Monday July 15, 2013 I turned another year older. Can you guys guess how old I am? Just turned 29. I cannot believe that this is my last year being in my twenties. It seems like it was just yesterday when I graduated from college, got a job and now here I am celebrating the last year of my twenties. Sheesh, time is going by wayyyy to fast. And the past few days since turning 29 I have been thinking about changing by blog name. By next year I will be 30 and my blog name doesn't sound fitting for a 30 year old lady, but on another note, I also do not feel like starting a whole new blog and losing followers. Any suggestions?

This year's birthday celebration was spent with my lovey and my family. Ages ago, I remember having tons of people over for my birthday celebration, the whole class when I was in college and now.... The number of people I celebrate my birthday with is a smaller number but somehow I find it to be more meaningful and more intimate. I will also have a post birthday celebration with my close friends as soon as we get our schedules fixed.

Here's a few pictures from my birthday celebration.

Had a pre-birthday celebration with the lovey at one of our favorite hotels.

My favorite. Shrimps in butter and garlic.

On the actual birthday (July 15) I had lunch with my lovey's fam. Forgot to bring my camera but it was a lovely lunch and his mom made the most amazing soup and brought me cake. How sweet.

Dinner was spent with my family and my lovey.
Mommy got me this sparkly top. Birthday girl needs to put on a sparkly top. The picture really doesn't do this top justice.
Mommy wearing the sparkly top I got her for her few months ago.
Sorry for the poor photo quality this was taken via my ipad mini.

Me and the lovey
With my mom, the lovey(still chewing his food. hahahaha. I hope he doesn't see this post), my uncle, aunt, and my cousin.

Sisig. This is a Filipino dish.

Baked Oysters

Tiramisu cake from the lovey's mom.
Flaming Death By Chocolates cocktails

His and hers. Cocktails after dinner with my future mister.

A bit sleepy but just had to take one last picture a minute before the clock hits midnight and my birthday has come to an end.
Birthday Presents!

Hello Kitty ipad case. Oh this is love! Hello Kitty and Pink, what a lovely combination. I've always loved both and will never grow out if it no matter how old I get.

A bit confused now. Don't know which I should use first. But my ipad mini does need a makeover.

Arm candies for me! Soooo cute!

Forever21 for this TwenTEEN Nine year old lady
From my lovey! A man who is not afraid to go into a cosmetic store and shop for his woman. hehehehe.

So anyhow...since this is my last year in my twenties, I plan to make this the best year ever and make it as memorable as I can. This is definitely my year of lasts...My last year in my twenties, last year being single, last year to live at home with my mom, last Christmas with my family (haven't really discussed holiday plans with the future mister. But I think when we are married we will be spending Christmas with his family and New Year's Eve with mine), and this might even be my last year "babyless" if there is such a word (next year the future mister and I are hoping to have a baby asap, right after the wedding). 



Megan said...

Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a fantastic day, and oh my goodness all that food - so delicious! My tummy is rumbling!

Kim Alston said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Your family is beautiful. You look like you're 20! So good for you! Your birthday celebration was awesome. As you get older, big celebrations seem less appealing. You'll want to just spend time with people close to you. I went through a blog change 2 years ago. I started another blog, but I think you can just buy a new domain name through blogger and keep the followers you have. The other (like your header) is just changeable as you would like. Good luck with the change! You're entering a wonderful phase in your life.

Nichole @ Casa de Crews said...

Happy Birthday! I turned twenty-nine in January, and felt...weird about that age, myself. I don't FEEL "almost" thirty. Your celebrating looks great!

Meg {henninglove} said...

happy 29 years!!! so far 29 hasn't been too bad for me, Im sure you will have a great year especially if you kicked it all with all that delicious food

Ginny said...

Hot birthday! This looks like a wonderful time and the food looks amazing! Wow to your mom sharing that cake!

Sam said...

Happy belated Birthday sweety, hope you had the most wonderful day, the celebrations look fantastic! Love your sparkly top. You don't look a day over 20, no one would ever guess your age! If you want, why don't you keep your same URL and just change the name of your blog

Jessica said...

oh that food looks delicious & I love your style!

Stephanie Lin said...

Shut up, you are not 29! Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had so much fun, and the food sure does look delicious!

brittany said...

tweenteen nine! i love it!!! happy late birthday, lady!!

Lauren Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!

Care said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Random fact: you were born just two years before me but one day ahead of me...:) haha! The food looks so tasty and it looks like you had such a fun time with your fam!- and that firever21 stuff- we will always be 21 right? Love it!!

Mimi said...

happy happy happy birthday! i'm happy to see that you had a great one! :)

p.s. the food looks delicious!

<3, Mimi

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

MuShii said...

You got a lot of things ! That's amazing !
I love the pink blouse !

Katie said...

wait...29!? I would have never guessed you were that old. Not that that is OLD or anything like that. But really never would have.

Happy belated birthday!

aki! said...

Have a happy birthday. I love your striped dress and those shrimp look delicious.

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Janna Renee said...

#1 Happy Belated
#2 It looks like you had an AWESOME Birthday
#3 You and the lovey are a super duper cute couple
#4 I think you could come up with a better name to portray who you are/who you want to grow to be. Chinky Girl Mel is cute and catchy, but you are right, you could outgrow it. Some people have a different blog name than their url, some people redirect everyone, but I couldn't tell you what the best is. Good luck!

E said...

A super belated happy birthday to you! Looks like a fun, delicious celebration. I turned 28 just a few days after you and also wondered where the time had gone. Most of the time I don't feel like I should be this old. :)

Diana Mieczan said...

Awww...happy belated birthday, sunshine and it looks like you had a wonderful day, indeeed. Muah

Shayne said...

sis you dont look 29 at all! :O you look much much younger :) belated happy birthday <3 looks like you got a lot of nice presents! :)

My name is Lydia said...

where do you live? where are you from?